AXFR Access

External Zone Transfers

DNS Zone Transfers

Conexim DNS includes the ability to set up external AXFR (DNS Zone Transfer) access to support access from third party software, or to run a slave server external to Conexim DNS infrastructure.

Conexim DNS provides two modes of authentication for AXFR requests:

IPv4 / IPv6 Access Control Lists

Nominated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are allowed to perform full zone transfer requests (AXFR) on a given zone.

TSIG (Transfer Signature) Shared Secrets

TSIG Shared Secrets can be used on their own, or in addition to IPv4/IPv6 Access Control Lists for a given zone to enhance the level of authentication required to provide access to zone information.

AXFR access is configured within the Advanced tab of a given zone.

AXFR Access

AXFR Access

In addition to supporting TSIG keys for incoming AXFR requests, TSIG keys can also be configured for outgoing AXFR requests when Conexim DNS is configured as a slave for another master DNS server.