DNS Templates

Build DNS record templates

When operating a large number of zones, it’s often inevitable that zones share similar configuration. Changing individual records on each zone can be a time consuming, tedious and error prone task.

Conexim DNS supports Zone Templates which address this problem by allowing you to build a template containing all of your desired records and then creating new zones based on the template. Changes made to the template apply to all dependent zones.

Creating a Template

There are two ways in which you can create a template:

Copy Zone

Copy Zone

  1. Create a template from scratch from the Templates section. You can either configure RRs manually or use the import function to import records from another DNS server (see Importing Records).

  2. Copy an existing zone to a template. This is done by selecting the copy icon next to the DNS zone and selecting the Copy to Template option. The domain name entry represents the name you wish to apply to the template.

Creating Zones from a Template

To create zones that are based on the template, simply select the template and select the Templated Zones tab. From here, you can add, delete or detach zones from the template.

Detaching zones from a template allows the zone to be modified independently as a regular zone.

Create zone from template

Create zone from template

Deleting Templates

Deleting a template deletes the template, but none of the zones that are created from the template. Zones continue to work as regular independent zones, but cannot be re-attached to a template.