Importing Records

From other DNS Servers

Conexim DNS supports importing records from another DNS server. Records can be imported into existing or newly created DNS zones or templates from the following sources. Each source may have specific requirements to enable you to import records from – these are detailed as follows:

Import Type Requirements
AXFR Zone Transfer Import DNS records from a BIND or compatible server using an AXFR request. The source DNS Server must support AXFR zone transfers – you may need to configure an Access Control List (ACL) on the source server to allow AXFR requests from
AXFR Zone Transfer with TSIG Auth. Similar to a regular AXFR request, this method offers improved authentication using TSIG (Transaction Signature) keys. The TSIG keys must be preconfigured on your source DNS Server. As with a regular AXFR zone transfer, you may be required.
Record Discovery This method attempts to guess common DNS records, including MX, SPF/TXT and common A/AAAA records such as ‘www’. This method is ineffective if you use a wildcard name (*.yourdomain.tld) as all requests will return a response.
Import BIND Zone File If the source DNS server runs BIND or can produce BIND-compatible Zone Files, these can be copy/pasted. This is also effective if you have output from a utility such as dig (Linux/FreeBSD/Mac OS X) that produces output compatible with BIND zone files.

To import records, simply create the zone (in the case of creating a new zone) and selecting the Import tab.

Import records

Import records

Once you click on the Preview button, records are validated and you can select which ones are to be imported. By default NS records are deselected from the list as they are generally modified to match that of the destination DNS servers.