DNS Admin Quick Reference

If you are familiar with Conexim DNS and DNS in general, the details below will get you up and running in no time at all.

DNS Delegation Information

Delegate your domain names to the Conexim DNS AnyCast network using the below name servers:
Name server IPv4 Address IPv6 Address
ns.cdns1.net 2401:400:e001::53 Primary name server
ns.cdns2.io 2401:400:e002::53 Secondary name server

Management Control Panel

Access to the Control Panel for managing Conexim DNS can be accessed from https://my.conexim.com.au.

Supported DNS Record Types

Conexim DNS supports any current or emerging DNS RR (Resource Record) type as per RFC 3597, and includes full validation support for the following types:
Resource record type Entry RFC
A IPv4 Address RFC 1035
AAAA IPv6 Address RFC 3596
CNAME Alias to another hostname RFC 1035
ANAME Domain root alias (apex CNAME) custom
MX Mail Exchanger Host RFC 1035
NS Name Server RFC 1035
TXT Text RFC 1035
SRV Service Locator RFC 2782
SPF Sender Policy Framework RFC 4408
PTR Pointer (Reverse DNS) RFC 1035
All Others - RFC 3597

Getting Support

Speak to someone with a deep understanding of DNS whenever you contact Conexim Support. You can ask questions and talk about issues via the DNS Control Panel (once you are logged in).


Conexim encourages and welcomes feedback to ensure we’re delivering the best services possible. If you have ideas for a new feature, or if there’s an aspect of Conexim DNS you feel we could improve, please let us know – we’d love to hear from you.