SOA - Start of Authority

Zone record details

The Start of Authority (SOA) specifies authoritative records for the DNS Zone. In the vast majority of cases, these values do not need to be changed, however each of these are configurable if needed.


SOA zone record

Nameserver: Primary/master name server that can respond authoritatively for the domain.

Hostmaster Email: Email contact for the domain. Note that this is not entered in the standard way of entering an email address – it must be entered as user.domain.tld (replacing the “@” with a “.”).

Refresh Interval: Only applicable when operating a zone with slaves, indicate how frequently slaves should refresh from the master.

Update Retry: Interval between retries when a slave server fails to contact the master.

Expiry: When slaves should stop responding to requests for a given zone if they have not been able to successfully contact the master.

Minimum: The minimum amount of time resource records should remain in another nameserver’s cache.

Serial Number: The serial number is system managed and is updated each time a change is made either to the SOA or one of the Resource Records. The format of the serial number indicates the date on which the record was last changed as YYYYMMDDXX with the last two characters incremented from 01.