Conexim Enterprise DNS

Managed DNS Powered by the Conexim Global AnyCast Network

Managed DNS platform

DNS is at the foundation of your web sites, email, applications and cloud services, so it’s important that it’s secure, always available and delivers high performance. Conexim is trusted by thousands of companies to deliver professional, managed DNS services that meet the strictest requirements for performance, reliability and security. Conexim’s Managed DNS platform has been engineered from the ground up with years of Internet engineering experience in delivering always available DNS services.  


With the increased reliance on DNS, it is increasingly becoming a target for attackers with new attack vectors being discovered all the time. Conexim is continuously developing new ways to improve the security of the platform against emerging threats. Conexim’s Managed DNS platform uses Global AnyCast internet routing to direct requests to the geographically closest server to the user’s Internet Service Provider. This not only maximises performance, but is a measure against minimising the impact of targeted Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. DNS records are managed through Conexim’s Secure Portal which provides Role-Based Access Control, allowing you to manage who has access to what on a per-user, per-domain basis.  


Role-Based Access Control ensures that each user that is allowed to manage DNS records has their own secure account. Conexim offers optional Two-Factor token (SMS) authentication and IP-restricted Console Access to enforce nonrepudiation and that management is performed from nominated networks. All changes to DNS records are logged for auditing and compliance, accessible from the Console.  


The Conexim Managed DNS platform uses Global AnyCast routing with servers strategically located around the Globe. Servers are connected to networks with fast connectivity to multiple tier-1 carriers and Internet peering exchanges, ensuring low latency to DNS requests wherever your users are. Average latency to DNS servers is less than 50ms across the world and less in major centres.  

API Integration and Enterprise Dynamic DNS

Make use of Conexim’s Managed DNS platform to deploy sites and applications using the DNS Services API. The API uses simple RESTful queries and responds over JSON or XML. Authentication and authorisation uses a secure key-hash algorithm with no key material ever sent over the Internet. Conexim provides code examples for Python, PHP, Perl and Ruby. The API includes extensions for operating Dynamic DNS with configuration generation available through the console for Juniper JunOS and Cisco IOS. tandards-compliant RFC2136  Dynamic DNS support is under development.  

First-class IPv6 Support

The Conexim Global DNS Platform has been built from the ground up to fully support IPv6 in every way IPv4 is supported.  

Full DNSSEC Support

The Conexim DNS fully supports DNSSEC for registries that accommodate DNSSEC DS records. The Console provides full management of KSK (Key Signing Keys) and ZSK (Zone Signing Keys) with automatic RRSIG generation.