DNS Management Features

A complete DNS Management experience

Management Features

The Conexim Console provides a complete DNS Management experience available through a single easy to use interface.

Full Input Validation

Full RFC standard compliant validation is provided for all major DNS record types (SOA, A, AAAA, CNAME, PTR, MX, NS, SRV).

Support for Any Record Type

Any Resource Record type can be created through the console. While full validation is provided for all major record types, new and emerging record types can be created as prescribed by RFC3597. Long record lengths are supported for any type, allowing the use of DKIM (DomainKeys).

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Wizard

Use SPF records to ensure email deliverability. Manage your Email SPF Records with confidence using the built-in wizard with full entry validation.

SRV Record Wizard

Create records for Microsoft Exchange, Lync and associated services with ease. Simply select the type of record you wish to create and enter the desired parameters.

Easy To Use, Intuitive User Interface

The Management Console provides an easy to use, intuitive design for a smooth user experience. Zone and record searches make navigation a breeze.

Easy Reverse DNS

Create Reverse DNS Zones by simply entering the IPv4 or IPv6 Network Address. Based on the size of the subnet, the console will generate either standard reverse entries or automatically create RFC 4183 for subnets smaller than /24.

Less-common conventions such as DeGroot notation are supported through manually created zones. If the service supports both forward and reverse DNS zones, modifications to A and AAAA records can optionally update your reverse DNS entries.

Import from BIND or using Zone Transfers (AXFR)

Import your existing DNS zones with ease using the import feature. If you have existing DNS entries in a BIND-compatible zone file, simply copy and paste its contents into the import wizard to validate and import its contents.

Existing zones can be imported using non-BIND servers that support AXFR (with optional TSIG authentication support).


If you operate multiple DNS zones that share common records, conveniently create a base template that is shared between zones created from the template.

  • Records that are modified in the template are reflected on subordinate zones.
  • Additional records may be added to individual zones.
  • Subordinate zones can be detached from the template if desired.

One-Step Google Apps Zone Creation

Create DNS zones for domains running on Google Apps in a single step. Simply enter the domain, optional verification record and you’re done.

Live Updates

Changes made through the console are committed live to the DNS platform. Subject to usual DNS propagation, changes are instant.