DNS Record Templates

Setup DNS Zones for common hosting scenarios

DNS Templates for common setups

DNS setup for Google Apps

Easily setup all of the DNS records needed to point your domain name to the Google Apps platform for hosted mail, web and applications.

DNS setup for Web and Email Hosting

No need of DNS knowledge required – simply enter the IP address of your website and email server(s) given by your hosting provider, and our system will create automatically all other DNS records needed.

Custom DNS Zone Templates

Our user-friendly DNS management dashboard allows you to create a completely customised DNS zone. If you operate multiple DNS zones that share common records, you can conveniently create a base template that is shared between zones created from the template.

DNS setup for CPanel Hosting

Do you have a Conexim CPanel hosting plan? Using our CPanel Hosting Template you can easily create the correct web, mail and ftp sub domain records and all the associated A/AAAA, CNAME, NS, MX RR records.

DNS setup for Hosted Exchange

Do you have a Conexim hosted exchange plan? Using our Hosted Exchange Template you can easily create the correct mail, webmail and autodiscover domain records, as well as all the appropriate RR settings.