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Category Feature DNS Essentials DNS Plus DNS Enterprise
Infrastructure Primary & Secondary Name Servers
Conexim Global AnyCast Network
Native IPv6 Support
Record Support Common record types (A/AAAA/CNAME/NS/MX/SPF/TXT/SRV)
Emerging record types (RFC3597)
Sender policy framework (SPF) Wizard
SRV record Wizard
Security and Accountability Secure management portal
Full DNSSEC support
Role-based access control
Full change auditing
Two-factor token based authentication
Performance Very low TTLs (60s)
Instant updates and replication
Fast geo-located query responses
Management features Importing BIND compatible zone files
AXFR import with TSIG
Zone Templates
Vanity DNS servers
API and DDNS Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
DDNS and API Access Control Lists
API & DDNS Call Limits per Zone 100 1000 1000
Reverse DNS Zone Support
Support Basic email ticketing support
Telephone support
Priority support
Records per Zone Unlimited (Fair Use Policy applies)
Query Limits per Zone 100k 1m 1m
Enterprise Failover Failover support
Service Level Agreement (SLA) 100% Uptime Guarantee
Billing Options Monthly